Drums of the Dagomba

The performers of Dagomba music are called Lunsi, members of a hereditary clan of drummers. Lunsi fulfill many vital duties in the life of the Dagomba - genealogist, counselor to royalty, cultural expert, etc. There are two main drums played by the Lunsi: the Lunga (talking drum) and the Gungon (bass drum).

All the shells are carved in Tamale, Northern Ghana. The drums are made by Sulley Imoro, and expert and exponent of Dagomba music, dance, and culture. These drums are the highest of quality and satisfaction is guaranteed.


The Gungon Drum

The Gungon is a medium sized cylindrical bass drum used to accompany the Lunga. It is a double headed drum with snares…


The Lunga Drum

The lunga is a double-headed hourglass shaped tension drum carved from the Shea Butter tree. By squeezing and pulling…